One coin among so many

One more stripe… doesn’t really matter to the tiger

El Palacio de Justicia ciudad de Puno, Puno, Perú
The Palace of Justice
Puno City, Puno, Peru

The years went by… and Felicia grew up to become a beautiful little girl with a sweet disposition, as well as, impressively good-looking. Many of her fine features were unquestionably inherited from her mother. Since she was a child, Felicia’s mother was beautiful, a charm she upheld until the end of her days.

Conversando ciudad de Puno, Puno, Perú
Puno City, Puno, Peru

So, it happened that one lovely, sunny morning, after waking to a beautiful, clearly illuminated sky, one of the rare few that occur in Bogota City, but when they happen, those days make living in the city worthwhile… Felicia cautiously walked into her parent’s room.

Taking advantage of the fact that everyone else was downstairs, she walked with confidence and decided steps to her parent’s huge bed. Very carefully, she reached under the pillow and quickly retrieved the bag. Cautiously, she untied it and removed one of the quarter-cent coins.

Puno City, Puno, Peru

Immediately, she proceeded to tie and replace the small green bag, just as she had found it. Then, she put the coin away, inside a small hidden pocket in her dress. It seemed so easy for Felicia. With innocence and quite naively, she never considered the possibility of her father realize there was a coin missing. The little bag was so full of coins, surely one little coin would never be missed! At the time, Felicia was barely eight-years old.

La Casa del Corregidor ciudad de Puno, Puno, Perú
The mayor’s house
Puno City, Puno, Peru


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   ©  All photos by edudelcorral

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