The art of living

Life is enjoying what is at hand

Carnavaleando ciudad de Puno, Puno, Perú
The boat
Puno City, Puno, Peru

For a long while, Felicia’s father laughed, enjoying the joke on him. Then, he answered:

“You are completely right, like always, my dear. I really don’t understand what came over me, nor why I worry and fret like that. Bad times never last a hundred years, and if they did, we wouldn’t sit waiting them out. Am I right? So, if it’s alright with you, I’m going to keep this little bag as a lucky charm. What’s more, I’ll hide it under my pillow for safe keeping!

El gallo ciudad de Puno, Puno, Perú
The rooster
Puno City, Puno, Peru

He got up and refilled the bag with tiny one-quarter of a cent gold coins and smiling, showed it to his wife, as he said to her:

“Madam, while I sleep with my quarter-cent fortune under the pillow, what do I care about riches worth millions of pesos. Am I right?” He ended his speech by taking her in his arms and said in a soft voice: “Actually, my real fortune may not fit under the pillow, but it does fit in my arms. I owe you my thanks for troubling yourself about me, for cheering me up, and for releasing me from silly moods, when we have so much to enjoy among us.”

La cruz ciudad de Puno, Puno, Perú
The cross
Puno City, Puno, Perú

That night, they were very happy when they went to bed. Felicia’s father let his dark thought go and to their pleasant surprise and great fortune, nine months later… Felicia was born.

Cholita boliviana Restaurante Pachamanka, Humahuaca, Argentina
Bolivian Cholita
Pachamanka Restaurant, Humahuaca, Argentina


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