A king’s gold

And, not all that shines is gold

La planicie Carretera Puno a Desaguadero, Perú
The prairie
Highway from Puno to Desaguadero, Peru

“What would you think if I told you that the antiquarian guaranteed that they had belonged to King Midas?” She answered, while a soft chuckle escaped from her lips and her honey-coloured eyes sparkled.

Flores en el campo Carretera Puno a Desaguadero, Perú
Flowers in the field
Highway from Puno to Desaguadero, Peru

“What? Don’t tell me you fell for that one! That guy is a fake, just like everything he peddles in his quaint little spider web, he’s disguised as an antiquarian’s shop” her husband inquired, surprised at her remark.

“Of course not, dear. I confess that I may not be too bright, but God helps me get along.” She answered, openly laughing merrily.

Praderas de altura Carretera de Puno a Desaguadero. Perú
High-land prairie
Highway from Puno to Desaguadero, Peru

“I liked the thought of it. Imagine, my dear sir. To live like that poor king and to have everything you touch, turn into gold. I’m sure that in the long run… it must be quite boring. So, thinking along those lines, I must admit that I was genuinely seduced by the idea of possessing if only a bit of that man’s famous gold, even though it’s only a lie!”

“At the time, I also thought that it might come in handy someday,” she added thoughtfully. “And, you see, my dear, at least for the moment, I’ve rescued you from those bleak thoughts about the end of the world”, she said, smiling warmly, as she placed her hand on his.

Vida doméstica Carretera de Puno a Desaguadero, Perú
Domestic life
Highway from Puno to Desaguadero, Peru


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