Felicia’s story

How many loads we carry on our back, not letting go, until death does us the kind favour of taking them away

La escuela de música Puno, Perú
The music school
Puno, Peru

The only person that knew the story and the reasons, behind Felicia’s unquenchable search and persecution of those souls that departed to never come back, was precisely her husband who was, of course, Felipe’s father.

In those happy and carefree times, when they were still young and deeply immersed in that timeless process of courting, Felipe’s father was finding it extremely difficult to understand how Felicia could involve herself so profoundly in matters that had anything to do with spirits and ghosts. He just couldn’t imagine anybody else their age being so attached to these issues…

En el muelle Lago Titicaca, Puno, Perú
At the dock
Lake Titicaca, Puno, Peru

“Possibly in a much older woman, who also has nothing else to do,” he thought, “but she’s only eighteen; I am barely eighteen, and all this seems just too odd…”

It was to Felipe’s great comfort and spiritual peace that one Sunday afternoon this unfathomable mystery was resolved. This took place many years ago and shortly before they were married. At the time, they were firmly engaged. that Felicia broke up crying disconsolately. From one moment to the next, Felicia went from laughing gaily to despondently crying. This happened that Sunday afternoon while they were comfortably sitting in the parlour, in Felicia’s parent’s house and drinking coffee and enjoying some cinnamon cookies, her mother had just baked in the morning.

La estación del ferrocarril Puno, Perú
The railroad station
Puno, Peru

He had asked her, for he was certainly a bit concerned, about that mania she had for establishing contact with the world of spirits (of course he mentioned it rather tactfully as: this deep interest of hers).

Unexpectedly, Felicia overwhelmed, burst into tears. Once she had recovered herself, she proceeded to quietly tell him about these certain sad events that went all the way back to her early childhood.

The afternoon dragged on slowly and gradually turned into the evening, as it began to get dark. Meanwhile, and for the first time, Felicia narrated those events that she had kept hidden and buried deep in her heart for so many years.

El velero Lago Titicaca, Puno, Perú
The sailboat
Lake Titicaca, Puno, Peru


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