Maracuya and arequipe candies

Life and persons may be sweet, but never too much, for they risk becoming boring

El Cristo Lago, Titicaca, Puno, Perú
The Christ
Titicaca Lake, Puno, Peru

Precisely for those reasons, Felipe had discovered in Angelica, this refreshing vision of a woman of the world, the presence of a person who advanced with firm, confident steps, a mind that was highly intelligent with her feet stolidly planted on the ground and adamantly not given to mystical speculations. Therefore, in those quiet moments, he found himself terribly confused and without knowing what to think.

Entrada a Puno Lago Titicaca, Puno, Perú
Entering Puno
Titicaca Lake, Puno, Peru

Felipe and his wife interchanged glances, full of significance. Brief glimpses, almost instantaneous, but they discretely transmitted their mutual preoccupation concerning grandmother’s mental stability.

Pilar was trying to imagine the thoughts that went through Felipe’s mind. Childhood friends, Pilar met Doña Felicia since she was yet a child and knew her quite closely. In the beginning, she was overtaken by the staggering physical beauty of her future mother in law, which was truly breathtaking. For sure, the same thing happened to Felipe’s father at some time. Yet, as she got to know her better, her perception with respect to Felipe’s mother changed drastically.

Vista desde el norte de Puno Lago Titicaca, Puno, Perú
North view from Puno
Titicaca Lake, Puno, Peru

It’s not that Felicia was a bad person. Quite the contrary, she was that kind of a person in which there is no room for evil. Too innocent and naïve, Pilar would think in this matter. Something like the arequipe sweets from Uraba, the kind they made down by the Atlantic coast. O rather the passion fruit candies from the Santander region that Felipe found so delicious. Those that that you barely enjoy… because they are just too overly sweet! Too sugary and, at the same time, much too bland… she concluded.

Zona del malecón Lago Titicaca, Puno, Perú
The docks
Titicaca Lake, Puno, Peru


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