Ties, and the proper ways to tie them

The art of tying a knot, requires the corresponding skill to undo it.

Vista al lago Carretera de Arequipa a Puno, Perú
View of the lake
Highway from Arequipa to Puno, Peru

The alleged, so-called professor, knew the twenty-two forms to make tie a knot, as so carefully described by Honoré de Balzac, in his book: The art of wearing a tie. In his untiring passion for these elements of elegant manners, he had actually invented nine more of his own design. Consequently, this aforesaid minister of the beings from other spheres of existence could boast that even in the long month of thirty-one days, he would never repeat the same knot in his ties in the same month.

Los picos nevados Carretera de Arequipa a Puno, Perú
Snow caps
Highway from Arequipa to Puno, Peru

As was the case with these elements of fine dressing, this erudite on spiritual matters, also maintained a long list of names and pseudonyms with which he travelled through the assorted countries of America and Europe, always moving in the highest spheres of society, and particularly among the gullible ladies of this segment of the social circles.

Paisaje lacustre Carretera de Arequipa a Puno, Perú
Lakeside landscape
Highway from Arequipa to Puno, Peru

When having to flee a country, due to problems with the authorities and the enforcers of the law, he would discard his name, change his haircut and the colour of his hair, and quite amazingly even his personality. As it happened, among his many other peculiarities, he curiously maintained a wealth of foreign accents, which even surpassed in quantity the number of ties he kept carefully folded and tucked away in his travelling trunk, gaily decorated with emblems of many countries, each one, representing a land he could never return to.

Paisajes de la Puna Carretera Arequipa a Puno, Perú
Highway from Arequipa to Puno, Peru


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