Childhood specters

How many situations do we carry on our backs and al the way from our childhood… unresolved issues that weigh more each day, as the years pass us by

Camino a casa Tupiza, Potosí, Bolivia
On the way home
Tupiza, Potosí, Bolivia

That was why, talk about exotic questions like those recently posed by Angelica, amply constituted a familiar background for Felipe, but, at the same time, this kind of talk delved into subjects that had been completely discredited many years before, back in Felipe’s childhood days.

“My dear, I have terribly important news for you, something that will change our existence, as we now know it.” Doña Felicia commented to her husband, one splendid day during lunch. At that time, Felipe was scarcely around nine-years old.

Las planicies de Tupiza Tupiza, Potosí, Bolivia
Tupiza’s colours
Tupiza, Potosí, Bolivia

Felipe continued to eat, as he heard his father answer:

“A nice change would be for the woman who prepared this soup to be kind enough to season it and impart a bit of flavor into it!”

“But, how can that be? I find it terribly delicious. Today we had a most interesting session, my dear sir. And, we managed to talk to a spirit that died more than four thousand years ago, somewhere near Egypt. You cannot even grasp how exciting it turned out to be, truly an indescribable experience…”

En la terminal de buses Tupiza, Potosí, Bolivia
At the bus station
Tupiza, Potosí, Bolivia

“I feel so sorry for the poor fellow! Just to think that four thousand years later, these Colombian women would be waking him from his most deserved rest… As a judge, I find it so difficult to observe the lack of justice in the world. Assuredly, the administration of Justice is a most complicated job.”

Estación del ferrocarril Tupiza, Potosí, Bolivia
The railroad station
Tupiza, Potosí, Bolivia


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   ©  All photos by edudelcorral

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