The long-lived

How many years does it take to learn to enjoy life to the full?

En la banca Tupiza, Potosí, Bolivia
At the bench
Tupiza, Potosí, Bolivia

“These beings regard us, the ephemeral, short-lived mortals, just as if we were the sparks that rise from a bonfire. Fleetingly we lift our flight. To them, it seems as though, we extinguish ourselves almost instantly. They perceive our short lives as if we were, but, an insignificant flicker in the universal order of existence.”

Caminando las calles ciudad de La Paz, La Paz, Bolivia
Strolling the streets
La Paz City, La Paz, Bolivia

“Indeed, they are so long lived that for practical reasons, we might as well consider them immortal. Hence, we may understand how the passing of the years since I was a six-year old is absolutely meaningless.”

“The most intriguing aspect of ourselves that these special creatures have discovered in our humanity, is that singular and rare capacity of ours to create. The act of initiating from nothing, a void of non-existence if you will, to then pursue an inspiration, ultimately, contribute, in the midst of this process, something new and unique to this world of ours… this result of our most vivid imagination, in which our own individual, personal vision of the world is finally stored and sheltered.”

Por la ciudad ciudad de La Paz, La Paz. Bolvia
In the city
La Paz City, La Paz. Bolivia

“This may be observed, and even further, and is possible to study in all our widely varied artistic and intellectual disciplines in which we share our own very personal visions to finally generate a community heritage, our cherished community acquis, which slowly through countless generations and centuries transforms itself into the priceless and unsurpassable legacy of the human race.”

Vista del terminal ciudad de La Paz, La Paz, Bolivia
View of the bus terminal
La Paz City, La Paz, Bolivia


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