An encounter with Fate

There are certain days in life, in which what occurs… will be imprinted forever in our souls

La esquina del parque ciudad de Tarija, tarija, Bolivia
The park’s corner
Tarija City, Tarija, Bolivia

Consequently, it was the first time that Angelica was exposed to that indescribable wonder known to us all as music. Also, she was fortunately sitting in the very first row, for her father was precisely one of the guests of honor.

It was love at first sight for Angelica, who was so deeply overwhelmed during the morning’s concert that on certain occasions, her beautiful eyes would mist, tiny tears of emotion flowing gently, absolutely enraptured by the melodic notes the Maestro played.

El fotógrafo Tarija, tarija, Bolivia
The photographer
Tarija City, Tarija, Bolivia

The surroundings vanished, in a haze, from her mind, as did the sweet fragrances of the jasmines that decorated the aisles. All her attention was set on following each and every single one of the exquisite notes which seemed to float in the air like if they were delicate soap bubbles pouring out of the instruments. Without her realizing when I happened, she was ultimately captivated by the violin. In the end, caught in its spell, the violins’ powerful magnetic attraction took complete hold over her tender soul.

When the presentation was over, she walked out from that exquisite church, silently and quite thoughtful. Once outside, she turned towards her parents and in a solemn and most serious tone, addressed them both:

El callejón Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia
The alley
Tarija City, Tarija, Bolivia

“When I grow up, I am going to play just like that man in the centre, the one with the white hair. What do you call what the man was playing?”

Smiling his father contemplated her for a long while and then answered,

“That… is called music.”

Árbol ciudad de Tarija, Tarija, Bolivia
Tarija City, Tarija, Bolivia


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   ©  All photos by edudelcorral

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