A first encounter

If I had to place a bet on either Death or Time, I’d place all of my money on the second one, This I can affirm most categorically and without any doubts…

               From Love and never forget, in the book, Searching for treasures, by edudelcorral

Vista de la ciudad Peña Blanca, Humahuaca, Argentina

View of the city
Peña Blanca, Humahuaca, Argentina

“And you, Felipe, having reached thirty-five, you have one foot in the grave, wouldn’t you agree? But still, let me tell you that you are still in a surprisingly good condition, for your age.” Pilar answered in a playful tone, especially when she observed his reaction to the teacher’s age. She returned to the conversation, she proceeded a bit more soberly.

Entrando a Humahuaca Humahuaca, Jujuy, Argentina
The entrance to Humahuaca
Humahuaca, Jujuy, Argentina

“The truth of the matter is that at my age of eight, she seemed exaggeratedly older and of uncountable years. In that small, little world of mine, if you were older than twelve, perhaps as far as fourteen, you were considered an old person. What’s more, that celebration when a girl turned fifteen, marked your passage into the distant and unknown world of the grownups. From that point on, everybody was very old, some more, some less.”

Vista de Quebrada Peña Blanca, Humahuaca, ARgentina
View of La Quebrada Humahuaca
Peña Blanca, Humahuaca, Argentina

For a while, Felipe, sat thinking silently, as he remembered his own outlook at life at that age. Undoubtedly, Pilar was correct. When you are but eight years old, thirty-five seems like an eternal lifetime…

“The next day we went to the funeral. It was my first close encounter with death. Until that moment, I had never been in the presence of someone who had passed on. The shock it gave us all! In the middle of the parlour, stood this white coffin. Taken by surprise, I perceived a tiny window, towards its front. As I got closer and looked through the glass, you can imagine that most terrifying intimidation I felt, when I actually saw my teacher! My God, Felipe! The fright it caused me to distinguish her little face lying beneath the window pane. I almost began to shout hysterically. You know, there are certain impressions that will never be forgotten, and that occasion, is certainly an indelible event in my life.”

Vista del centro Humahuaca, Jujuy, Argentina
Vista del centro
Humahuaca, Jujuy, Argentina


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