Existencial childhood doubts

Her worst doubts in life were when she doubted herself

El gallo Yavi, Jujuy, Argentina
The rooster
Yavi, Jujuy, Argentina

“Where do I begin? You already know how that conniving scoundrel, without the least bit of scruples, boldly hindered and interfered with both of my most cherished affections…”

“And, allow me to elaborate on this issue: on the enormous scope of the influence exerted by an adult or should I say a grown-up, in the life of a child, or rather, in my case, of a young girl.” “That such a person, whom you have come to regard as the ultimate authority in life, and assuredly, with more knowledge than yourself, should dare ridicule and mock your beliefs, openly opposing your efforts… Now please, try to imagine this as seen from the perspective of the child.”

El patio Yavi, Jujuy, Argentinas
The patio
Yavi, Jujuy, Argentina

“Do you understand, my dear Felipe? At that very moment of your incipient, budding potential, you come to believe he must surely be right, for he has lived longer and decidedly has more knowledge of life than yourself… And, what was the ultimate result of this underhanded situation?”

El trueque Cangrejillos, Jujuy, Argentina
Barter market           Cangrejillos, Jujuy, Argentina

“That I began to question myself, and to doubt my authentic passion for music, particularly the piano, as well as my deeply rooted love of reading. For, a gigantic illuminated character was telling my little person that she was totally wrong, and so innocently, I blindly fell right into the trap.”

La ventana Yavi, Jujuy, Argentina
The window
Yavi, Jujuy, Argentina




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