Painful memories

Pronouncing himself as her father was, indeed, one of the most selfish act in his life…

Las calle del pueblo Yavi, Jujuy, Antioquia
The villages streets
Yavi, Jujuy, Antioquia

“The truth of the matter is simply that all the recollections associated with this scoundrel and his presence in my life are, still today, painful in extreme,” Pilar remarked, centering the conversation, “On the other hand, my love, I barely learned the truth hidden behind this rogue, barely a short time ago.”

El hostal Yavi, Jujuy, Argentina
The hostel
Yavi, Jujuy, Argentina

“Darling,” Felipe began to say, “if this question pains you so much…” But, he was brusquely interrupted by his wife.

Las casas Yavi, Jujuy, Argentina
The houses
Yavi, Jujuy, Argentina

“My Dear Judge, I appreciate your concern, but please, do not interrupt me, for it is not at all easy for me to delve in these painfully awkward matters. Allow me to anticipate that the what I am about to disclose, concerns you as my ever-faithful husband and friend and, of course, as my most cherished companion. But, in addition, you must also analyze these matters in your role as a Judge of the Supreme Court, for we shall discuss proceedings of a criminal nature.”

Vida rural Yavi, Jujuy, Argentina
Rural life
Yavi, Jujuy, Argentina

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