A decidedly negative influence

Among that multitude of recollections that lay in lost in oblivion, she searched, perhaps fruitlessly, for but one memory of her lost father, which could inspire, at least, a trace of affection.

Buscando entre recuerdos perdidos Uquía, Jujuy, Argentina
Searching amongst lost memories
Uquía, Jujuy, Argentina

She was pensive, gathering her thoughts. After a long moment, she continued, a clear determination could be her in her voice, for she had finally resolved to broach the subject on that night.

“I mentioned the fact that it had been a decisive moment of change y my daily life at the time. It represented a turn of events that manifested itself in two main components.”

La gaucha Uquía, Jujuy, Argentina
The gaucha           Uquía, Jujuy, Argentina

“The first of these events consisted in a decidedly positive influence; thanks to which, the girl I once was, finally initiated herself into the mysteries of poetic fantasizing. I will always be grateful to Miss Teresita. She was kind enough to awaken that unquenchable thirst towards exploring, and further still, communicating my experiences, those that stirred so intensely inside my young self.”

“The second influence, the negative counterpart, consisted in the indisputable negative effect, that affected my earliest years, due to a totally despicable character of dubious worth, known to all by the name of Jaimito Arevalo, who unfortunately was also my father, though he never acted like one.”

El gaucho Uquía, Jujuy, Argentina
The gaucho          Uquía, Jujuy, Argentina

“At this point, my dearest Felipe, you surely must wonder why we had never discussed this subject before. Especially, due to the most definite way this has influenced my life, and also, considering the immense trust with which we have always shared everything in our life between both of us.”

Felipe resettled in his stool, so he could face Pilar directly. In her voice, as well as in her delicate features, the deep pain she felt was evidently reflected. And, any incident that could provoke these deep emotions in Pilar, was undoubtedly of the most importance for him.”

La Pareja Peña Blanca, Jujuy, Argentina
The couple           Peña Blanca, Jujuy, Argentina


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