Reminiscences from the past

And how many times do the ghosts of yesterdays, surprisingly, peek into our tomorrows?

Entre lustradas Avenida Armentia, La Paz, Bolivia
In between shoeshines           Armentia Avenue, La Paz, Bolivia

As for Felipe, he knew his wife’s history and perfectly well, at that, for from an early age they had become inseparable friends. All in all, with respect to her earlier life, for some reason Pilar had always been quite reserved. Today she was willing to open the conversation and talk about that time in her life, and Felipe was eager to hear her out.

Of course, due to her prodigious artistic sensibility, plus the fact of her passion for Literature, it wasn’t at all strange that she should mention her childhood dreams of writing poetry. Quite the contrary, he found it most natural and absolutely fitting with his wife’s personality. These reflections of his were abruptly interrupted as Pilar picked up the thread of their conversation once more.


Teleférico Línea Roja Teleférico, La Paz, Bolivia
Red Line  Cable-car          Cable-car, La Paz, Bolivia

“In the beginning, my life was so simple, what a carefree and easy-going life I held! The mornings were dedicated to the piano lessons with the Instructor of The Moment. During the afternoons, after lunch, I practiced the morning’s teachings. Besides, there had constantly been a series of exercises of all types to work on.” For a short spell, Pilar fell silent and pensive.

Suddenly, she began to talk again. “I believe mentioning that my father was invariably against my playing the piano. Quite possibly, I mentioned it only in the passing. The fact is that I don’t care to mention this, particularly because it was a painful situation, and then, I didn’t understand it at the time.”

La calle Jaén Centro histórico, La Paz, Bolivia
 Jaén Street         Historical Centre, La Paz, Bolivia

“On occasions, he would enter the library, the piano’s room, do you remember it still?” she asked with a sad melancholic smile.

“He had declared his private war against books as well, so I just couldn’t grasp why he ever entered the room, since he didn’t like the piano, nor did he enjoy picking up a book. But, we also lived in a very large house, full of so many other places he could frequent… Nowadays, I realize hit just relished being mean and bothering me, but at the time, I didn’t realize it and it that man’s aggressiveness upsets me terribly!”

Calles de centro Centro histórico, La Paz, Bolivia
Downtown streets           Historical Centre, La Paz, Bolivia


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