Unseparable friends

Before they met, the already knew each other

Estación Taypi Uta Mi Teleférico ciudad de La Paz, La Paz, Bolivia
Cable-car Station         Central Station , La Paz, Bolivia

Don Felipe listened with an immense interest. They had met each other, when he was twelve years old and his head was full of aspiring dreams to be one day fulfilled. She was only ten years of age, but already she was enjoying the sophisticated landscapes of her personal and professional achievement, quietly brought about by six long years of relentless dedication, together with that impressive talent and her natural gift for the arts, which coursed in such a natural way, racing through her veins.

From the very first moment he laid his eyes on her, Felipe immediately understood that he was in the presence of a very special person, and also, he liked her looks at the very first glance. That afternoon went by in a flash. As he was saying goodbye, he realized that he was already counting on saying hello, if possible, the very next day.

Los cómicos de la calle Plaza San Francisco, La Paz, Bolivia
Street comedians           San Francisco Plaza, La Paz, Bolivia

Pilar was also struck by the strong personality of that cute little boy, who, by the way, lived so nearby. How interesting that he already knew what he wanted from life and with such clarity. He was to become a Judge, like his father and his grandfather did before him. But he had his own mission to carry out. He wanted to become a major player in bringing about the necessary change in the Judicial System to adapt it to the New Modern Times they were living or so he believed.

Vista de La Paz Terminal de transportes, La Paz, Bolivia
City view            Bus terminal, La Paz, Bolivia

“And wasn’t that so exciting?” he asked her with that charming smile of his!

“For in two years the Twentieth Century will begin and it will be time for important changes in the world!” he affirmed categorically.

Yesterday is today Witch's market, La Paz, Bolivia
Yesterday is today           Witch’s market, La Paz, Bolivia


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