Nocturnal concert

And how she weaves those delicate enchantments with the fragile threads of her imagination

La campiña de altura Carretera Arequipa a Juliaca, Perú
The countryside in the highlands          Highway Arequipa to Juliaca, Peru

She pensively sat down at the piano, uncovering the keyboard. Undoubtedly, this theme offered and immense and vast potential to tap into. With her right hand, she played the melody attentively listening to each note, and to each pause of both the modest movements and its interconnecting bridge, repeating it once more as she finished the first go around.

Breathing deeply and perfectly motionless, she cleared her mind, slowly repeating a meditation mantra learned long ago when she was young. This was a vital part of her customary routine before playing the piano. She observed it when playing alone, like this night, and she went through it, just the same, before playing at a sold-out concert hall. Without stopping, she placed her hands, positioning them slightly above the piano’s keys, and she began to play very softly, almost inaudible, even in the profound silence of the night.

La manada Carretera Arequipa a Juliaca, Perú
The pack           Highway Arequipa to Juliaca, Peru

Her years of experience steered her through the elaboration of the theme. She steadily began exploring and expanding on each of the three phrases, progressively exploiting their intrinsic beauty, captivated by the richness in the resulting harmonic constructions and exquisiteness of the music as it flowed in the air.

The volume, together with the velocity began to increase as she advanced, drifting apart from that innocent and naïve simple musical theme, as she proceeded through secondary embellishments of indisputable exquisiteness. Yet, the original melody was never lost, it maintained itself present, quite subtly, as it were, profoundly buried in the composition.

El ojo de agua Carretera Arequipa a Juliaca, Perú
The water hole         Highway Arequipa to Juliaca, Peru

At last, the concert began to unwind, conducing the explosive development of the theme back to its necessary conclusion, slowly and steadily, little by little, reducing both the volume and the tempo until ultimately accomplishing one final note, sustained in the air for a final and brief moment. When finally, that final chord was lost in the silence of the night, at her back, an enthusiastic ovation was heard. As she turned around, her gaze fell upon Don Felipe, who had just risen from the armchair, and with tears in his eyes, wore a smile that extended that completely filled his face.

Pastando Carretera de Arequipa a Juliaca, Perú
Grazing          Highway Arequipa to Juliaca, Peru


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