The sweet age of innocence

Those of us that fondly cherish our childhood, may count themselves among the fortunate

Entre sueños ciudad de Sucre, Chuquisaca, Bolivia
Dream world           Sucre, Chuquisaca, Bolivia

Well… Toña and Juanita arrived.  It’s been a while since they were dressed all in white. Of course, by now, not even considering that they’re the daughters of Doña Eloisa, would it stick. That belongs in the distant past of my candid childhood, back when, Jorge Eduardo, my younger brother, had still not opened his eyes to this world. He was still patiently awaiting a Destiny.

Sombra Carretera a Desaguadero, La Paz, Bolivia
The shadow          Desaguadero, La Paz, Bolivia

My sisters were constantly dressed in white. That was an indispensable part of an ongoing publicity campaign that was continuously being run by my mother  Observe their unblemished virginity and impeccable blamelessness. We are an apostolic, Roman Catholic family, rigorously enrolled in the Eternal Salvation Integral Program and its extended benefits and rewards.

La esquina Ciudad de Sucre, Chuquisaca, Bolivia
The corner          Sucre, Chuquisaca, Bolivia

I used to have white suits and was also a virgin at the time. At least, in the eyes of my mother, I certainly was and would indefinitely continue to be one, as far as she was concerned.

I would dress in white suits for the Sunday Mass and daytime weddings. I would dress in dark suits for the funerals and nightly affairs. In those long-lost days, I was barely somewhere around six years old, and thanks to my mother, I was properly affiliated with the Eternal Salvation Plan. In those bygone days, I was a relatively happy boy, for I was still living under the warm light that bathes the blessed age of innocence.

Las palomas ciudad de La Paz, La Paz, Bolivia
The pigeons          La Paz, La Paz, Bolivia


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