Such different childhoods

While she learned to live her life , he learned to survive his life

Ropa al sol ciudad de Arequipa, Arequipa, Perú
Drying clothes          Arequipa City, Arequipa, Perú

While growing up in the Capital, she not only learned to read and write, no sir! At home, there was a grand piano and since she was but a little girl, she had taken lessons. Not only did she study piano, but she took dancing lessons too.

Vista urbana ciudad de Arequipa, Arequipa, Perú
An urban view           Arequipa City, Arequipa, Perú

Remembering those childhood days, she stopped for a moment to thank her DA’ and MA’, passed away some years before, for that happy childhood they gave her, and that, she enjoyed so much.

Plaza de Armas ciudad de Arequipa, Arequipa, Perú
The Plaza          Arequipa City, Arequipa, Perú

How different her education and her childhood in general, than that of her husband. While she happily grew up in a beautiful house in the city, Camila’s father, had grown up in a small farm in the sticks. Since he was a little boy, he had learned one thing and learned it very well. To survive in that extreme poverty in which he found himself immersed, every single day meant getting up so very early to work, and keep on going until it was time for bed, many times just plain too tired to linger any further and unfortunately… hungry still.

Catedral ciudad de Arequipa, Arequipa. Perú
Cathedral           Arequipa City, Arequipa. Perú


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