An unknown daughter

Perhaps, my Dear Lady, we tend to search for things in the wrong manner, and though, they may be right in front of us, we do not recognize them for what they are…

 The treasure, in the book,  Searching for treasures.

Día de mercado Yungay, Ancash, Perú
Market day           Yungay, Ancash, Perú

“Well, you see,” he continued, smiling cheerfully, “Camila liked that book immensely. I wouldn’t dare say that she remembered it from the days when you read it to her before she was born, but I also wouldn’t dare affirm that it wasn’t so…” he answered thoughtfully. “Of course, the stories in themselves are extremely amusing, and it’s easy to get caught up with those fantastic adventures the famous Sherlock Holmes goes through, especially in the amusing manner in which the author narrates them. Still, Camila, beyond being entertained, surprised me as I observed how she had completely identified herself with the analytical thinking of the main character and his scientific method.”

Mediodía en la plaza Huaraz, Ancash, Perú
Noon at the park           Huaraz, Ancash, Perú

“The thing is, after reading that book, Camila changed dramatically. She began to structure her thoughts with an irrefutable logic, in a tremendously clear and precise fashion. It would seem that she absorbed the logical principles that reasoning is based on, devouring them from the examples in the book and integrating them into her own thought processes.”

Llama en el parque Huaraz, Ancash, Perú
The llama           Huaraz, Ancash, Perú

Having heard these comments, Camila’s mother found herself momentarily absorbed in her own thoughts. Undoubtedly, she felt a profound satisfaction after having heard the teacher, who spoke so well of her daughter. At the same time, she sadly recognized how little she knew her own daughter. With a heavy heart, she understood that the person sitting next to her, held a deeper and more meaningful comprehension of her daughter, then she had ever achieved. At the moment, it appeared that her daughter had become a total stranger in her life.

Esquiador Huaraz, Ancash, Perú
The skier          Huaraz, Ancash, Perú


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