The tiny lettering in the card

When I had finally read the small lettering inscribed, it was just too late, the Angel had wiped my memory with a kiss, before I could complain


Entre nubes Carretera a Tarabuco, Sucre, Bolivia
In the clouds          Highway to Tarabuco, Sucre, Bolivia

To continue with this matter of the royal blue cardboard, it would contain a wealth of additional, unalterable specifications and of course, with more intricate details. For example, my genre was stipulated as masculine, with a maximum attainable height of 5 ft. 7 in., which I would never achieve (for undetermined reasons). Also, my shoe size of #10 was determined, precisely for when I attained my maximum growth. This, I believe, is an interesting point, for with my real height… my feet were too big. But, to whom do you complain in these cases?

Acueducto Carretera a Villazón, Potosí, Boliva

Aqueduct          Highway to Villazón, Potosí, Bolivia

Now, as far as my hair goes, mine was described as smooth, straight kind of hair and resistant to actually being lost on the paths of life. Here it certainly differed to my younger brother, Jorge Eduardo, who in this delicate issue, did very poorly. His shiny bald head sparkled with the sun, even before he was twenty years old. Back to the card, he got brownish, curly hair and in minimum quantity, in other words, the rule of you get some… you lose some.

Undoubtedly, the details of my personality were carefully explained and exhaustively listed. For some mysterious reason, I was assigned to a moderately bright category, also endowed with an extreme stubbornness. In the rules of the game, as postulated by this cardboard instruction list, I was assigned zero, null, none manual abilities in plastic arts and extending to all the scope of hand crafts, or perhaps better said, I was determined to be awkward and the utmost clumsy kind of guy for life. Ultimately, and as a result of the aforementioned, I flunked out in drawing class. I managed to pass thanks to the generosity of my teacher, miss Teresa, renown among all the students for her splendid disposition (as well as, for her also generous breasts). My puppy love for her was as ephemeral as my youth.

Campiña boliviana Tupiza, Potosí. Bolivia
Bolivian countryside           Tupiza, Potosí. Bolivia

Digging into this important circumstance, the particulars of my personality included a strong affinity to the feminine genre, particularly those of an exuberant anatomy. Conceivably, to comply with the indications enumerated in my blue card, it was necessary for Miss Teresa to form a part of my early years, a fleeting encounter as far as the duration is concerned, but unequivocally paramount in its sweep.

En la frontera Villazón, Potosí, Bolivia
At the border          Villazón, Potosí, Bolivia


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