Professor Rafita’s mission

He enjoyed how his students opened their minds, as he showed them a world that unfolded as well

La terraza Chinchiná, Caldas, Colombia
La terraza           Chinchiná, Caldas, Colombia

In this way, her teacher quietly began to explain views on Camila’s abilities. That day in particular, had begun as a beautiful Sunday morning, gently bathed in a mild sunlight. Around noon, the two grownups had met to talk about her daughter’s performance. She was a bit worried when she arrived, for the teacher had been adamant about the necessity of discussing the child’s studies with her.

Secando café Marsella, Risaralda, Colombia
Secando café           Marsella, Risaralda, Colombia

After Mass, while the children cheerfully played in the park, and her husband had settled down with his friends, for some beers and conversation; they found a spot, for both of them, in the shade of a large tree, choosing one of the benches to the side of the kiosk.

Zona cafetera Marsella, Risaralda, Colombia
Zona cafetera           Marsella, Risaralda, Colombia

Evidently, the woman was reassured and felt more at ease, once the teacher began to talk about her daughter; at the same time, she gradually filled up with a tremendous pride, upon hearing how he praised her child’s abilities. The professor was looked upon with respect and esteem, by all the members of that small rural community. What’s more, he had studied in Bogotá, the Capital City and graduated with honours.

Leaving behind a world of life opportunities, he insisted on returning to Santa Isabel, his birthplace, and that his mission was to teach those kids living in the region’s rural surroundings, offering them a chance to obtain an education. Perhaps, a bit basic, but nevertheless a chance to broaden their horizons.

Regresando del colegio Ríosucio, Caldas, Colombia
Regresando del colegio           Ríosucio, Caldas, Colombia


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