Life destinies

In order to avoid misunderstandings, I would look like to clarify that I have no complaints with respect do the Destiny I was assigned in this Life…

Paisaje urbano Ciudad de la Paz, La Paz, Bolivia
Urban landscape           Ciudad de la Paz, La Paz, Bolivia

I could have been born in La Paz City. at an elevation of over eleven thousand feet. A beautiful city, enhanced by the majestic peaks of the Andes mountains, perennially covered by its shiny white ponchos, made of snow.

La limosna Terminal de Buses LaPaz, La Paz, Bolivia
The handout           Bus Terminal, La Paz City, La Paz, Bolivia 

Almeida comes from that city. She is of Aymara origins, and she was my father’s Nanny. As time went by, my father married, and she became my mother’s Nanny. Incredible, but true! Finally, as each of us were born, she came to be the Nanny of every one of the seven children. I include myself at the end of the list in, as the one before the last of all.

Día de neblina Ciudad de la Paz, La Paz, Bolivia
Foggy days         La Paz City, La Paz, Bolivia

Once we had grown up and stopped requiring her services as our Nanny, she then dedicated herself, full time, to the burdens that are unavoidably associated with becoming my mother’s Nanny. once more. My mother never stopped needing her cares and attention. That’s the way it was written on Almeida’s blue card…

Carnaval paceño Ciudad de La Paz, La Paz, Bolivia
La Paz Carnaval           La Paz City, La Paz, Bolivia


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