On the Threshold of my Conception

When I was a child, the light from the candles captivated me. Still, today, they haven’t lost their touch… the power to capture and transport me

Camino a Coroico desde La Paz Coroico, Los Yungas, Bolivia
The road from La Paz to Coroico           Coroico, Los Yungas, Bolivia

In this rather late stage of my life, I do not recall, exactly how that  important series of events came to pass. I refer to the proceedings that took place in the threshold of my conception, before I was born…

Comfortably sitting upon Heaven’s clouds, we, the countless souls to be born, patiently awaited our turn, and meanwhile, happily went over the particulars of  the Great Drama that would unfold as our next life.

Vista al cielo Altiplanos de Potosí, Potosí, Boliva
The clouds in heaven           Potosí highlands, Potosí, Bolivia

Yet, the memories of these moments and the details of our life to be, are not brought down with us when we are born. Precisely, just before we arrive to the world, it is with a sweet kiss on our forehead, that they are expunged; and for good or for bad, all is forgotten.

I suppose that the kiss was effective, for I do not remember those times prior to my birth. At the moment, I was surely attentive to every single detail and nuance that shaped the critically important chain  of events. But nowadays, they are deeply buried in that sweet oblivion, provoked by an entrancing kiss upon my forehead.

Vista de la Carretera de la Muerte Altiplanos de La Paz, La Paz, Bolivia
Views of the Death-Road          La Paz Highlands, La Paz, Bolivia

In any event, ultimately that decisive moment arrived (the allocation and delivery of Our Destinies), and I was gifted with a Destiny that began with a voyage. Of course, along the way, I would travel in the company of my faithful Guardian Angel; whose name, I am sad to say; I cannot recall. I assume, I knew it at the time, before that all-embracing kiss.

The journey consisted in arriving punctually for a date with my incubation…

Vista al cielo Coroico. Los Yungas, Bolivias
View towards heaven         Coroico, Los Yungas, Bolivia


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