In the matters of weather

And who, upon awakening, can unequivocally say… what the day will bring?

Avenida Reforma Ciudad de México, DF, México
Reforma Boulevard         Mexico City, DF, Mexico

As it happened, even before he had reached his seventh tender year of bucolic life, that surprising country boy had compiled an extensive abundance of skills to interpret his passage through the world.

Calles del centro histórico Ciudad de México, DF, México
Historical Centre streets          Mexico City, DF, Mexico

This prosperity of multiple possibilities that he held on how to perceive his surroundings, lead way beyond merely detecting the hour of the day or his particular location at the moment, for he reached even further still to empathise with the fluctuating environment and predict its continuous changes.

Calles de Polanco Ciudad de Mexico, DF, Mexico
Streets in Polanco          Mexico City, DF, Mexico

Consequently, and in the most natural way, he predicted the variability of the prevailing climate with an unequivocal precision. Thus, he would comment with utmost ease, on the impending necessity of gathering (and, better hurry it up, Ma!) the clothes that had just been washed a little earlier and were hanging out to dry in the sun, for in his unerring opinion, the rains were gathering and it would soon downpour. This he casually affirmed, even though the sun was shining strong in the midst of a clear blue sky.

Fuente de Pemex Ciudad de México, DF, México
Pemex Fountain         Mexico City, DF, Mexico


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