Awareness of the moment

I believe that unlike other people, I have never lost myself and have always known where I can be found. In fact I find it hard to believe, and very much so, that somebody could actually lose himself.

From “The Treasure”, in the book, Searching for treasures by edudelcorral

La pulquería Colonia Roma, Ciudad de México, México
The pulque bar           Colonia Roma, Mexico City, Mexico

By the birds as they sang, based on the tiny variations of the climate at dawn, as during the mornings, afternoons, or later at night, Magnifico would always find his bearings and adequately resolve the time of the day.

Fachadas Colonia Roma, Ciudad de México, México
Facades          Colonia Roma, Mexico City, Mexico

He detected variations in humidity and the ambient temperature, adjusting his inner clock perfectly and with an unsurpassable exactness.

La esquina Colonia Roma, Ciudad de México, México
The corner           Colonia Roma, Mexico City, Mexico

The shadows, their length and orientation, minute changes in the vegetation and in the animal life, the power of the brooks and the streamlets, and the variations in the diverse landscapes of his world were among so many references that made up his inner record of time’s passing.

Avenida Alvaro Obregón Colonia Roma, Ciudad de México, México
 Alvaro Obregón Avenue           Colonia Roma, Mexico City, Mexico


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   ©  All photos by edudelcorral

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