The trials of growing up

A new life is invariably begins with labor pains

Las calles Tena, Provincia de Napo, Ecuador
The streets in Amazonia         Tena, Napo Province, Ecuador

Outside, holding hands and deeply pensive, Magnifico and Camila walked. Without having heard the conversation between the parents, they too were totally engrossed in their own reflections concerning the morning’s events.

Sombras en el puente Tena, Provincia de Napo, Ecuador
Lights on the bridge           Tena, Napo Province, Ecuador

Juana, the shepherd, if only in performing her job, though not by breeding, was attentively watching the mischievous goats and insuring that they didn’t stray on their own, bringing them back to follow the path with an occasional bark or a nip.

Encuentro de culturas Tena, Provincia de Napo, Ecuador
Cultural clash           Tena, Napo Province, Ecuador

 The sun was warming the morning up , dissipating the cold weather from the night before. The kids were so engrossed in their thoughts that they never noticed how beautiful the morning was.

Mediodía en el río Misahuallí, Provincia de Napo, Ecuador
Noon at the river          Misahuallí, Napo Province, Ecuador


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