The power of a smile

 It took but a smile to conquer the world

La Quebrada Popayán, Cauca, Colombia
La Quebrada           Popayán, Cauca, Colombia

     Turning her gaze to face the father, she gave him her warmest smile.

“The same goes for the clearing. It’s so terribly close to the road. Whey anybody passing by can see us. Now, if we build on the tree, above, the tree’s branches will help to camouflage it. It would be so perfectly hidden, don’t you agree?”

Tejados Popayán, Cauca, Colombia
Tejados           Popayán, Cauca, Colombia

“And, if they did try to burn us out at night, we can climb from one tree to another, through the branches, until we reach that tree near to the gully. Then, we follow the creek, in the dark of the night, until we get to the caves. Nobody but us knows about them, so there, we will be more than safe! Would do you think, Dad?”

Puente Popayán, Cauca, colombia
Puente           Popayán, Cauca, Colombia

     With that smile, Dad’s heart melted. As he gazed upon the little girl, in his mind, he pictured his wife, back in the days when she was also a little girl, full of life and with so much energy. They, too, had grown up together, and as far back as he could remember, they had always been as one. Theoretically, it could be said that Camila won that round by knockout.

El Parque Caldas Popayán, Cauca, Colombia
El Parque Caldas Popayán, Cauca, Colombia


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