The birthday boy’s farm house

Those days, bathed in the warm sunlight, beneath blue skies… have left to never return

Anocheciendo Guadalupe, Santander, Colombia
Night time          Guadalupe, Santander, Colombia

     It was beneath a warm noon sun all the guests went into the house. They left the wagons and the horses beneath the shade, on the way to the cow’s shed.

Días de lluvia Guadalupe, Santander, Colombia
Rainy days           Guadalupe, Santander, Colombia

      While everyone got comfortable, Magnifico, couldn’t help but stare, amazed, at the decorations in the front patio. Intrigued, he was trying to figure out at what time this had happened. When he left, early in the morning with his Dad, everything had been as usual. Then he remembered how his Mother had stayed behind; because, she had a few last minute chores to take care of, to later catch up with them, wearing this mysterious smile on her face.

Atardecer en el pueblo Guadalupe, Santander, Colombia
Night fall in the town           Guadalupe, Santander, Colombia

As it happened, his Mom, had quickly set up all the decorations, with a little help from the nearest neighbours, before running to catch up in time for Mass.

Everywhere you looked, there were so many brightly coloured balloons of all sizes and shapes, cheerfully dressing up the patio and giving it a happy, festive ambience.

Madrugada en la calle Guadalupe, Santander, Colombia
Dawn in the streets           Guadalupe, Santander, Colombia


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     ©  All photos by edudelcorral

The finish line

To attempt the unknown, may be more satisfactory than to achieve it

La trocha Camino a Salento, Quindío, Colombia
The dirt road           Road to Salento, Quindío, Colombia

     The shouts and the din of the crowd that had gathered on both sides of the road, could be clearly heard in the distance. Thrilled, they watched the two runners close in at an impressive speed. Most of the kids were scrambled on the fence. Even Lencha and the rest of the cows, who earlier had been quietly grazing in the fresh shade of a huge tree, were now nervous and anxious because of the crowd’s noise.

La Lencha Salento, Quindío, Colombia
Lencha           Salento, Quindío, Colombia

     Triumphant, Magnifico reached the entry gate of the farm, the finish line, in an incontrovertible first place, his face totally flushed from exhaustion. Danilo, was lagging a few feet behind and still struggling with all his might, till the very end.

     Once he had got his breath back, Danilo, walked over to his friend. Laughing, he said to him: “If you had only ran like that in the park, the top would be in your pocket instead of in mine!”; he was tired but satisfied for having run like never before.

Una tarde de pueblo Pueblo Bonitos, Caldas, Colombia
Afternoon in the town           Pueblo Bonitos, Caldas, Colombia

As the crowd applauded and cheered, the two friends embraced in a victory hug, for the truth of the matter was that they both, had gone all the way in that desperate race. And then, Magnifico turned to face Camilla’s eyes, as they shined in her radiant smile. Without giving it a thought, he hugged her and then picked her up in his arms, turning ‘round and round in the middle of the road.

El camino Valle del Cocora, El Quindío, Colombia
The road          Cocora Valley, El Quindío, Colombia


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     ©  All photos by edudelcorral