High reaching plans

If we could make our lives could reach as far… as our dreams

Ribera del Magdalena Girardot, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Magdalena’s river bank           Girardot, Cundinamarca, Colombia

“Since you love to scamper all the way up there in those high places, it’s fitting to build a house high above for you. Down on earth, where the rest of us live, you be bored to death after a while. The clearing below is beautiful, but that’s where your folk like to do their Sunday picnics. We can use what’s already built. We just need to enlarge it, and we’ll have a great place to live.”

El ciclista Girardot, Cundinamarca, Colombia
The cyclist           Girardot, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Magnifico carefully thought how to answer, and after a while, he smiled as he said:

“Of course, you’re right Camila. That’s exactly it! We’ll extend the house and include a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom to fall asleep in as we look out at the stars through the window.”


Puente sobre el Río Magdalena Girardot, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Bridge over the Magdalena River          Girardot, Cundinamarca, Colombia

“You know what surprises me? I can´t believe how well you know me!” He added while smiling from one ear to the other.

“And what did you expect, after all these years of hanging out with you. Sometimes, you’re just so conceited…”

La lancha Girardot, Cundinamarca, Colombia
The dinghy         Girardot, Cundinamarca, Colombia


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