A house in the heights

From his vewpoint high above… the world below appeared to be but a fantasy

Hotel Carmen Marsella, Risaralda, Colombia
Hotel Carmen           Marsella, Risaralda, Colombia

“But, come on, you just love climbing all those hard to get to high places, just like a monkey, so I get this feeling that you’ll get to be very bored after a while! Back there, anywhere you look, it´s just flat lands.”

“Yes, Ma’am, that’s true enough. So then, how about the old pine tree clearing? There’s the trusty ol’ pine tree and plenty more trees I can climb over there.”

Subidas empinadas Neira, Caldas, Colombia
Steep rises           Neira, Caldas, Colombia

“Nice, but what would happen to the Sunday picnics with your folks? You can´t take that away from them, can you?”

“So, Camila, if it’s neither in the back of the orchard, nor in the clearing, it would good to know where you suggest we build the house.”

En la esquina Neira, Caldas, Colombia
The corner          Neira, Caldas, Colombia

“You see, but you don’t, do you? You wouldn´t find the spot even if we were standing there. On the pine tree, of course. Right where your father built that tree house for you. Of course, we would want something bigger…”

Calle Santander Manizales, Caldas, Colombia
Santander Street           Manizales, Caldas, Colombia


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