A small plot of land

He raised the most difficult question in his life when he was only a child

La Calle 14 Socorro, Santander, Colombia
 14 St.           Socorro, Santander, Colombia

“Hey Camila, I was talking to my father. He says that by next year we won´t be kids anymore.” Magnifico said with a mysterious air.

En la calle Socorro, Santander. Colombia
Street life          Socorro, Santander. Colombia

Camila couldn’t resist and let the opportunity go by:

“You still look too much like a kid to me, more like a child. You still can’t walk and now you want to run. So, you’re telling me that in a year you be all grown up… maybe you’ve been drinking too much of Lencha’s milk and you think that’s going to do it for you.”

Las colegialas Socorro, Santander, Colombia
School girls      Socorro, Santander, Colombia

“Look Camila”, he answered a bit seriously. “My Dad said I could pick some a plot of land for my next birthday. I can choose from the part behind the orchard or where the pine tree is standing.”

“Why don’t you ask for Georgina, the mule. So you can ride her to town?”, she replied, knowing perfectly well what he wanted to tell her.

“Aw Camila, seems that you are the one that’s riding me riding  today” he answered with a loss of how to get the conversation back on track.

Sol de mediodía Socorro, Santander, Colombia
Midday sun          Socorro, Santander, Colombia


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