Goose bumps and breathlessness

Some memories are forgotten as time goes by, but the heart’s portraits never loose their radiance

Puertas y balcones Curiquí, Santander, Colombia
Balconies and doors       Curiquí, Santander, Colombia

    When everyone had left, he walked Camila home. As they slowly strolled on a path that made a shortcut to the village where Camila’s lived.

En verdes Curiquí, Santander, Colombia
In greens         Curiquí, Santander, Colombia

    When Magnífico found himself ambling or just sitting in high places, he many times felt goosebumps in his stomach. When Camila was by his side or nearby, he occasionally would feel a similar tingling, or sometimes he felt breathless, especially when her gaze caught him and held him in her glance.

En amarillos Curiquí, Santander, Colombia
In yellows           Curiquí, Santander, Colombia

        On that particular day they held a conversation, while they walked in high spirits and holding hands. Neither of them would never forget it, in the many years to come.

La chocolatería Curiquí, Santander, Colombia
The chocolate factory           Curiquí, Santander, Colombia


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