The boy in the pine tree

And when he reached his special spot,  that was his shelter, his hangout… in that moment, he was happy.

Fachada Confines, Santander, Colombia
Facade          Confines, Santander, Colombia

    The birthday cake, had also been prepared by his mother, and behind his back, for she wanted to surprise her child.

La iglesia del pueblo Confines, Santander, Colombia
The town’s church         Confines, Santander, Colombia

          So skillfully had she endeavoured in the preparation of the cake that he never realized what she was up to. So, in turned out to be a great and happy surprise for him.

La siesta Confines, Santander, Colombia
Siesta  time          Confines, Santander, Colombia

       His mother, with that foresight so typical of mom’s had put away some milk from Lencha’s milking, also from Eugenia’s, and of course from Camila’s milk; the youngest of the cows, and the one that Magnifico had named in honor of Maria Camila, his first love and classmate.

Bajada al parque Confines, Santander, Colombia
The street to the park           Confines, Santander, Colombia


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