Three for the champ

Nothing like childhood, when you can still fly without wings

Vista hacia Manizales Pueblo Bonito, Caldas, Colombia
View of Manizales City           Pueblo Bonito, Caldas, Colombia

     “Ready! One, for the fox. Two, for the rabbit. And three, for the Champ…!” Danilo shouted as he started to run on the count of one, as fast as he could. But on this occasion, Magnifico was on his own turf.

La Virgen del Camino Pueblo Bonito, Caldas, Colombia
The Virgin on the road           Pueblo Bonito, Caldas, Colombia

     Of course, he knew the road perfectly well, the steep climb on the curve and the straight, level stretch after the pine tree (where the Virgin was waiting to see him speed by), until finally arriving at the farm.

Tierras cafetaleras Pueblo Bonito, Caldas, Colombia
Coffee lands           Pueblo Bonito, Caldas, Colombia

The most important fact of it all, was that on this particular  occasion; Magnífico was barefoot, and so, he wouldn’t trip because of the shoes, as it happened earlier that day in the park. Magnifico, like most of those country boys, rarely used shoes. Because of the party, and especially the Mass, he was dressed in his best second-hand clothes, carefully mended and stitched by his mom a few nights before, and of course, with his awkward-fitting shoes.

En la vereda Pueblo Bonito, Caldas, Colombia
At the village           Pueblo Bonito, Caldas, Colombia


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