Afternoon at the village Pueblo Bonito, Caldas, Colombia

Waiting on the road

He enjoyed running barefoot down the roads, as he felt the dirt crumble beneath his feet.

Vistas de la cordillera Pueblo Bonito, Caldas, Manizales
Highland views           Pueblo Bonito, Caldas, Colombia

     “Let’s wait for everyone to arrive at the farm, so they can watch how I beat you once more, or what?”, Danilo remarked calmly to Magnifico, who, at the moment, was concentrated on carefully taking off his shoes.

En el camino Pueblo Bonito, Caldas, Manizles
On the road           Pueblo Bonito, Caldas, Colombia

     After, he approached the wagon and nonchalantly threw them aboard, as it began to slowly advance. Out of the corner of his eye, he intercepted little Camila’s beaming smile.

El poste Pueblo Bonitos, Caldas, Colombia
The post (Hitching horses, not allowed)          Pueblo Bonitos, Caldas, Colombia

     The riders and the wagons took off on their way. Meanwhile, the boys sat down on the side of the road, giving them enough time to make it all the way to the gate of the house. They quietly chatted, without a care in the world, with that infectious enthusiasm that belongs to the realm of childhood.

La vereda por la tarde Pueblo Bonito, Caldas, Colombia
Afternoon at the village           Pueblo Bonito, Caldas, Colombia


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