Just… to get it to start boiling

And in the bleak skies of his old age, the warm skies of his childhood shined once again

El puente Cañón del Río Suarez, Santander, Colombia
The bridge           Río Suarez Canyon, Santander, Colombia

    The morning was still young. Both of the spectacular races were over: the horse race, which Danilo’s father had won, riding his new horse; as well as, the five laps around the park, won by Danilo, who ran with his sparkling new shoes.

El carrito amarillo Cañón del Río Suarez, Santander, Colombia
The yellow car           Río Suarez Canyon, Santander, Colombia

     For a couple of hours, the kids played in the park, and they ate ice creams bought from Miss Aurora, at her store, at the corner of the park. Meanwhile, the grownups enjoyed the sun, lazily talking among themselves while sitting on the benches, scattered beneath the trees in the park.

La planicie Cañón del Río Suarez, Santander, Colombia
The plateau           Río Suarez Canyon, Santander, Colombia

     Remembering the conversation, Magnífico held with his father the day before; he turned to Camila and softly said to her:

     “So… Camila, and have you thought about whom you’ll marry?”

     Observing Camila’s puzzled face, and unable to hold back his laughter, he blurted out one of his Uncle Gelipe’s favourite sayings:

     “Just… to get it to start boiling!”

La ribera del río Río Palomino, La Guajira, Colombia
The river banks           Palomino River, La Guajira, Colombia


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