Always the Champ

In the distant past, we find the seeds of our present actuality

Amor a lo nuestro Barichara, Santander, Colombia
Love of our own            Barichara, Santander, Colombia

    When the Mass was over, they cheerfully left, talking and laughing among themselves. Almost immediately, the long expected race began. Father Juan, in his clear, commanding voice, gave the start. Magnifico observed that little boy, that once had been him, as he and Danilo, gradually began to take the lead, and separated themselves from the rest of the boys in the race. In his mind, raced the multitude of sensations and emotions so intensely lived that memorable day.

El parque central Curiquí, Santander, Colombia
Central Park          Curiquí, Santander, Colombia

        Clearly, he recalled his only preoccupation during that interminable race: Camila, was watching! Actually, that was basically what really worried him so. When the race was over, he watched as Camila walked over with a smile to happily tell the boy, in a low, soft voice:

Iguanas en la vía San Gil, Santander, Colombia
Iguanas on the road          San Gil, Santander, Colombia

       “I saw when you tripped! Danilo was so lucky… If you hadn’t stumbled, of course you would have won and so easily too! Get rid of that dreadful face: because, as far as I’m concerned, you shall always be the Champ.”

La esquina Playas de Belén, Santander Norte, Colombia
The corner         Playas de Belén, Santander Norte, Colombia


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