Flowers and celebrations

Some of his most enduring memories where marked by the most extraordinary simplicity of his life

La iglesia Confines, Santander, Colombia
The church          Confines, Santander, Colombia

      When Father Juan finally called them, and they crossed the park to the church for Mass; Magnífico was overwhelmed, as he saw the flowers, so carefully arranged, outside the church. One day later during that year, he found out how Camila had spent days picking the flowers, for the decorations of the church that birthday, of course, together with Magnifico’s mother.

Contemplación Guadalupe, Santander, Colombia
Contemplation           Guadalupe, Santander, Colombia

     On that particular morning his friend had arrived in town quite early in the morning. Father Juan had been waiting for her to arrive. He opened the church and between them, they began to decorate it for that happy occasion.

Contemplación Guadalupe, Santander, Colombia
Meditation          Guadalupe, Santander, Colombia

        The Mass was very simple, in a straightforward way. It also held a profoundly significant meaning for the birthday boy and the old traveller, as well, who relived those special moments of his life once more. Father Juan had actually seen Magnifico born into this world. He was like a second father to him and all the kids attending that morning. In a direct way, and also, talking from deep within his loving heart, he took advantage of the sermon to impart a moment of joy into the birthday celebrations, commencing with that special ceremony.

El parasol Guadalupe, Santander, Colombia
The parasol           Guadalupe, Santander, Colombia

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