Games in the park

Like all the kids, it seemed that in the eternity of time’s passage, his birthday would never arrive

Atardecer en el parque Guadalupe, Santander, Colombia
Evening in the park           Guadalupe, Santander, Colombia

   They were in the shade of the trees, gathered in one of the walkways of the park, exactly in front of the stone church that gave the town its special charm.

His mother had ordered a Mass to begin the celebration of his birthday. But now, the ceremony was over, and it was finally time to begin to play.

Lencha Camino al Salitre, Guadalupe, Santander, Colombia
Lencha           Camino al Salitre, Guadalupe, Santander, Colombia

     Rafita, the young teacher, was a guest of honor. At the moment, he was busy organizing the kids, for the series of games he had planned, under the cool shade of the trees in the lovely park.

“Well, I’m so sorry, but even Lencha, that old cow of yours, is faster than you!” he shouted, as he imitated the cow mooing in his impeccable, precise manner.

La bicicleta Guadalupe, Santander, Colombia
The bicycle           Guadalupe, Santander, Colombia

      It was going to be a race among the fastest of his friends. Magnifico was undoubtedly very quick, but he couldn’t help realizing that Danilo was as fast or even much more so than him. The race consisted in five long laps around the park. The winner would obtain a brightly coloured, wooden top.

     And it was, actually, more of an endurance test, as well as speed, for the park was very large, shaded by the palm trees that had been planted when his father was but a child. What the children enjoyed the most, however, was the huge fountain in the center where they would sit and chat and spend long bouts of conversation and laughter.

Memín Puebla, Puebla, México
Memín           Puebla, Puebla, México


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