Engraving promises

Some promises he engraved on walls, others on trees, but all are impressed forever in his heart…

Medio día en el parque Girón, Santander, Colombia
Out of school            Girón, Santander, Colombia

    And so, he sank into an intimate and marvelous vision of a past he had lived way back when. Confused, he abruptly perceived a multitude of different sounds. and among them, he distinguished voices. After a few instants of hesitation, he identified their source.  

El parque Confines, Santander, Colombia
The park           Confines, Santander, Colombia

      They were the concerted happy shouts, full of energy, of a group of around twenty boys and girls. Almost immediately, he recognized them. Still, with the peculiar logic of the dream worlds, it took a few instants for him to pinpoint the nature of the scene developing in his imagination.

Promesas grabadas Girón, Santander, Colombia
Engraved promises           Girón, Santander, Colombia

    That specific day was beautiful. Softly sunny, it possessed a singular light that made the colors shine brightly and merrily. Familiar aromas assaulted his senses, as the scene unfolded. Slowly, in that timeless world, he recognized the park in the nearby town to his parent’s farm. It was the same park where he had once carved a promise of love for Camila.

Camino al pueblo Confines, Santander, Colombia
On the way to town           Confines, Santander, Colombia


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