Sun down Magdalena River, Magdalena, Colombia

Life is but a dream

In the short while he had slept, he dreamed so many lives… so belonged to other, some were his own

La ribera del río Río Magdalena, Magdalena, Colombia
The river bank          Río Magdalena, Magdalena, Colombia

     After a long and profound daydream, beneath the shade of the beautiful tree in the central park, the traveller woke from a daydream, into which he had lapsed without realizing it. The tree looked as magical, as particular, for its moss contained the very fabrics of men’s imagination.

El Balcón Santa Cruz de Mompox, Magdalena, Colombia
The Balcony          Santa Cruz de Mompox, Magdalena, Colombia

     And then, he realised how if he almost closed his eyes, he could see the dwellers of such singular fantasies that belonged to other times: some distant and others recent.

Anochecer Santa Cruz de Mompox, Magdalena, Colombia

At dusk           Santa Cruz de Mompox, Magdalena, Colombia

     They were there, present in the park and right next to him. It was then that he understood, how so many wishes and a multitude of hopes were kept in the deep roots of the tree, and he also comprehended that these longings, actually belonged to the people who had lived them in their dreams, during some night that happened before.

Caída del sol Río Magdalena, Magdalena, Colombia
Sundown           Magdalena, River Magdalena, Colombia


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