The decisions of life

And he decided that life as it was, did not actually fit him

El espejo de las aguas Río Magdalena, Magdalena, Colombia
The water’s mirror           Río Magdalena, Magdalena, Colombia

They sat together at nights,  before the firewood stove in the kitchen, once having finished with the daily chores. His mother, would narrate stories that described how life was interpreted a long and distant time ago, way before she was born.

Colorido del atardecer Santa Cruz de Mompox, Magdalena, Colombia
Sunset’s colours          Santa Cruz de Mompox, Magdalena, Colombia

Those tales that  at night, were now mostly forgotten. She would relate them in a soft voice, while his father quietly drank his coffee and smoked a cigarette, sitting in his favourite chair.

Vista hacia Santa Cruz de Mompox Río Magdalena, Magdalena, Colombia
View towards Santa Cruz de Mompox           Río Magdalena, Magdalena, Colombia

A tear suddenly appeared in the corner of the old, traveller’s eye, as he evoked those pleasant nights, that also belonged to long ago times in his life.

Ocaso sobre el río Río Magdalena, Magdalena, Colombia
Dusk settles on the river           Río Magdalena, Magdalena, Colombia


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