The dreams of past lives

In the land where dreams are woven, he found that everything is possible

El cementerio Playa de Belén, Norte de Santander, Colombia
The graveyard           Playa de Belén, North Santander, Colombia

And after much wandering and countless hardships on the road, he finally arrived to lands unknown to men…  the domains where new dreams are woven, and the many-times lived, worn-down dreams, are repaired, together with the failed, broken-down, sad dreams.

Calle del pueblo Guane, Santander, Colombia
The village street           Guane, Santander, Colombia

Exhausted, the traveller sat down upon a bench in the park, while he listened to the soft melodies, gently floating in the air. Along with the musical sounds, the memories of nostalgic occasions, born from the dreams of their composers lightly drifted towards him; the illusions they had forged into sound, when they still walked among the mortals.

Las fachadas del pueblo Galán, Santander, Colombia
The village at noon           GalánSantander, Colombia

He sighed as he recognised some of the dreams that reminisced places known to him in other times of his past life, some of them even took him back to a long gone-by childhood, while others contained the taste of nights shared with his loving parents.  

El árbol de los sueños Villanueva, Santander, Colombia
The tree of dreams           Villanueva, Santander, Colombia


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