Magnifico’s dreams

Without realizing it, since he was a child… at night, he would dream into his future

En la plaza Tunja, Boyacá, Colombia
At the plaza           Tunja, Boyacá, Colombia

On occasions, settled into his magical hideaway on top of the world, Magnifico, relived some of his most peculiar dreams. These dreams, he had never shared with his Mother. He understood clearly that it would only cause her unnecessary worries and anguish.

La esquina Tunja, Boyacá, Colombia

The corner          Tunja, Boyacá, Colombia

As it was, they consisted in the most colourful hallucinations, accompanied by brightest lights possible and the deafening sounds of cheerful music. These sounds were mixed into the confusion of shouts and the general din of the crowds that populated his dreams.

Fachada Tunja, Boyacá, Colombia
Facade           Tunja, Boyacá, Colombia

At times, they seemed so incredibly real that the boy actually perceived the smells hanging in the air. The crisp, fresh smell of recently made popcorn with melted butter, the smell of the sawdust that covered the walkways and the floor, also that strong aromatic presence of exotic animals, collected from the furthest corners of the world.

Cometa Villa de Leyva, Boyacá, Colombia
The kite         Villa de Leyva, Boyacá, Colombia


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