With the world in his pocket

He walked through far away lands, with his world that he kept shiny and carefully tucked away in the bottom of his pocket

El patio Tunja, Boyacá, Colombia
The patio           Tunja, Boyacá, Colombia

Equally, during those long mornings, many of them bathed by a gentle sun and refreshed by a mild, cool breeze, Magnifico, would snatch the opportunity to scramble up to the top of the tree, far away from his parents.

Paisajes de Boyacá Tunja, Boyacá, Colombia
 Boyacá’s landscapes           Tunja, Boyacá, Colombia

Quickly he would reach the very tip of the pine tree, where the branches grew smaller, tender, and less abundantly. There, he found the quiet moments to contemplate, not only the spectacular view, but also, the inner world of his childhood thoughts and his dreams for the future. He enjoyed those quiet times of solitude finally reconquering his world, once again.

Salón de Onces Tunja, Boyacá, Colombia
Tea parlour           Tunja, Boyacá, Colombia

At this point, he slowly descended with his life bright and unravelled and carefully tucked away in his pocket, once more, within his reach.

En el ocaso Villa de Leyva, Boyacá, Colombia
Dusk light          Villa de Leyva, Boyacá, Colombia


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