A first performance

 “I’ve run into borders where the countries are joined by bridges that rise high above the said river, gullies or the canyons that divide them. Others I have encountered, in which the countries are separated by bottomless pits between their different cultures that would appear to be almost impossible to negotiate or to cross.”

The treasure, from the book Searching for treasures

La torre Berlin, Alemania
The towers           Berlin, Germany

It happened one morning when his mother had gone out to gather a few onions at the vegetable garden. She was on her way when she heard this little voice all of a sudden, innocently asking where she was heading to. As she turned searching for the voice she knew so well, but couldn’t grasp where it was coming from. 

Las escalas Berlin, Alemania
The stairs          Berlin, Germany

To her great surprise she found the boy comfortably sitting on the top rung of a ladder over six feet high, with a wide smile on his face. 

La ventana Berlin, Alemania
The window and the art           Berlin, Germany

That was one of the first times Magnifico received a heartfelt scolding. The first was a courtesy from his mother. Frightened she asked, pleaded, insisted, ordered, shouted and ultimately demanded; get down from that ladder that’s so high, can’t you see you are going to fall down!


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