Searching for the heights

He was always fascinated by the world as seen from above

Amor grabado por siempre Rue de Rivoli, Paris Francia

Forever love          Rue de Rivoli, Paris Francia

Back in his toddler days, Magnifico displayed amazing abilities, even in the first years of age. For example, when only fifteen months’ old, beyond already walking perfectly well, he already jumped all over and could be seen following his Dad’s footsteps everywhere his Daddy went. And that, he could do with an impressive ease. 

Café y vino Barrio Latino, París, Francia
Coffee and wine           Barrio Latino, París, Francia

Scarcely in his second year, he had already earned his first nickname in the family, who christened him as Chatter Kid, for not only did he reach beyond merely talking, he had also conducted himself into the highest inquisitive level, always with a question at the tip of his tongue and with an unquenchable curiosity to know more about the farm’s world where he was living in.

El teatro Montmartre, Paris, Francia
The theatre           Montmartre, Paris, Francia

Could be that the most intriguing facet of his development was the innate ease he exhibited to climb everything and anything around him that would eventually lead him to greater heights. At the top of his everyday world, where he unravelled his life so comfortably.

His mother never forgot that morning when she found him sitting in the highest rung of a ladder. It was leaning against the back wall of the cow shed.


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