The Hunter

And so, he  understood the when’s and the where’s of any place he found himself, at any moment 

And effectively, in that precise moment, right in front of Magnifico, The Hunter was standing. The seven stars formed his legendary and infallible bow, with which he never had erred a shot. Of course, the stars that formed his magnificently ornamented belt, were also perfectly discernable, if one knew where to look.

Vista al puente Pont Alesandre III, Parìs, Francia
View to the bridge           Pont Alesandre III, Paris, Francia

However, on that very morning, it happened that the stars were displaced, for it was only yesterday that when he walked out from the house, much later by the way, The Hunter could clearly be seen near the horizon, just about to retire to sleep. And now, at this moment, he was positioned directly overhead, towards the center of the heavenly dome, still far away from retiring to rest in that dark sky above.

Meditaciòn Parìs, Francia

Meditating by the river           Parìs, Francia

The child was not concerned, for it confirmed the time. With the sun during the day, the moon and the stars during the night, he always discerned in what hour of the day he was standing. For that reason, that early morning, as he contemplated the sky y understood that he had successfully risen very early and he still had a lot of time to unhurriedly reach the cow shed before his Dad.

En la plaza Place Concorde, Paris,Francia
At the plaza           Place Concorde, Paris, Francia


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