The craft of waking

Rising earlier does not make the day begin before

Ensueño Colonia Roma, Cdmex, México
Dreams          Colonia Roma, Cdmex, México

Magnifico would quietly think a small while, before he answered:

“But I really do try! It’s just that my eyes won’t open earlier. But really, I try very hard and put all I have into it, but, somehow, I just don’t wake up any earlier”.

Diana Paseo de la Reforma Delegación Cuauhtémoc, México
Diana           Paseo de la Reforma Delegación Cuauhtémoc, México

His father listened to him attentively; while deep inside, he was quietly enjoying the conversation, for he was well aware of what the boy wanted to hear from him.

Reflejos de la Revolución Plaza de la República, ciudad de México, México
Reflections of the Revolution           Plaza de la República, ciudad de México, México

“But of course, that’s what happens to lazy boys, their eyes just don´t to let go of a little more sleep. But with time, it may be that you outgrow it and become a serious person. And then you might get out of that bed at a good time and early in the morning”, he would reply joking, for in reality he felt very proud of his son and of how he worked always in a good mood at all the chores on the farm.



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The dreams of a placid cow

Where have you gone, when with you eyes closed, you forget the world?

Disfrutando del paisaje San Antonio Palmitas, Antioquia, Colombia
Taking in the landscape           San Antonio Palmitas, Antioquia, Colombia

After the break, they only had to milk Agustina, a dark brown cow, and Ramona, black on the outside and black with, the virtual queen of bad temper, always disagreeing with the way things were done. Once the milking was done, it was then the boy’s responsibility to take the cows out to the meadow, where a day of peaceful grazing awaited, while they thought out the thoughts that must surely go by, a cow’s mind, while it chews.

Cortando café San Antonio de la Palmitas, Antioquia, Colombia
Collecting coffee          San Antonio de la Palmitas, Antioquia, Colombia

Occasionally he quietly watched them and this question would spring to his mind: What is Lencha thinking about? Look at her, how she spends the day, peacefully under the sun and without hardly moving. Could it be that when she’s dozing in the shade under those trees, she dreams of when she was a calf, or maybe with her boyfriend, that huge black bull that come to visit her sometimes? Oh my, Lencha, I feel sorry for you, the same happens to me when I think of Camila, and still, I feel liking going down to pay her a visit…

Lencha San Antonio Palmitas, Antioquia, Colombia
Lencha           San Antonio Palmitas, Antioquia, Colombia

For that particular task, he could always count on Juana’s help, a dog with no breed, or perhaps, with many of them in her blood. She knew her job perfectly well and had been performing it since Magnifico was still a toddler, busily learning the complicated art of walking.


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The first love

As the years went by, he began to lose all his memories, all but one… his first love


Paseo de la Reforma Cdmex, Mexico

Paseo de la Reforma Av.         Chapultepec, Cdmex, Mexico

The time for the coffee break was after having milked Lencha, followed by Eugenia, and concluding with Maria Camila. This last cow, was Lencha’s youngest calf.

Vista hacia el Periférico Lomas Chapultepec, Cdmex, México
View towards the Periferico            Lomas Chapultepec, Cdmex, Mexico

Magnifico added the second name to her, two years back. Thinking, or maybe dreaming, of his young little friend from school, who lived in the closest village to the farm. Camila Restrepo, was a cute little girl, who had had dazzled his heart, for the first time in his life.

La fachada Delegación Cuauhtémoc, ciudad de México, México
The façade           Delegación Cuauhtémoc, Cdmex, Mexico

So, when he reached the age in which he no longer would go back to school, he occasionally thought about her and decided that for old times’ sake, he would add her name to the young cow’s, His parent’s readily agreed, as they enjoyed how their little boy, was going through his first love.


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And a black mule called Georgina

His dream was very simple… before dying spend a never ending summer beneath its sun, in a house with an orange clay-tiled pitched roof 


Mural at Insurgentes  Subway Station        Mexico City, Cdmex, Mexico


And sometimes during the coffee break, Magnifico, who at the time was known by a different name, the name of his childhood days, asked his father:

“Daddy, sir. How is it that you wake so early in the mornings? You see, sir, you arrive here at the shed, before I can even manage to get out of bed.”

Fuente de Petróleos Paseo de la Reforma, Cdmex, México
Fuente de Petróleos Monument           Paseo de la Reforma, Cdmex, Mexico


Every night, Magnifico fell asleep thinking that perhaps the next morning he’d finally get up earlier, and even arrive at the shed before his father did.

His father observed him closely. He could tell how his son wanted desperately to become a grown up. He’d reply laughing.

“So, excuse me, Sir. Now it happens that I arrive very early. It seems to me that maybe you arrive a bit late, do you think?”

Fachadas Calles del centro, Cdmex, México
Façades          Downtown, Cdmex, México


The shed held five cows. Lencha the typical spotted black and white cow was the oldest of them all. She had turned fifteen years old, and to Magnifico eyes she felt absolutely ancient, for beside she had delivered nine calves during her long life. There was a corral next to the stable, where they kept eight goats and three sheep, each one with its own name. And finally, in the horse’s stable there were two horses, one was black and the other a pinto, plus a white mare and yes, by the way, a black mule called Georgina.



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The little village school

Outside,  a universe was waiting… until the day he learned to read

La Avenida Álvaro Obregón colonia Roma, Cdmex, México
Alvaro Obregon Ave.           Roma, Cdmex, México

A daily routine, possibly simple and straightforward, but still, it gave a meaning to his life. Certainly, it also gave him the possibility of earning the bread he ate at breakfast, which he would later enjoy together with his parents at home. By the time the sun had risen, Magnifico would have gone through many other chores.

Camino a Puebla Carretera a Puebla, Puebla, México
On the way to Puebla          Highway to Puebla, Puebla, México

At least, he was gradually leaving his childhood behind him, for now, he stayed all day working at the farm. Before, when he was eight years old, he would have to walk for sixty minutes to get to the village. He would attend classes in the small rural school, with the other kids form the surroundings villages and farms. In a way, he liked to go to school. Rafita, the teacher talked about all these interesting things, and most importantly, he learned to read there (well, also to write…).

Mural callejero Calles de la Roma, Cdmex, México
The serpent         Roma, Cdmex, México

That, together with the books he borrowed, opened up a huge new world, which he cultivated for the rest of his life. Besides, he had to admit he had learned useful things, for example, adding and subtracting. How else would he handle the farm´s earnings, when he was older and it was his turn to manage it? Then, there were all the kids he had gotten to know that lived nearby, especially Maria Camila…


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