Beginning another day

Amarillos Supía, Caldas, Colombia

Yellows           Supía, Caldas, Colombia

Every day the chickens and the coop had to be looked after, and that was one more of Magnifico’s tasks. Early the boy would help gather the eggs, after the milking was done and before taking the cows out to pasture.

Andean landscapes           Juliaca, Provincia de San Román, Perú

Then, the best time of the morning arrived, breakfast at home with those same eggs he had barely picked, scrambled with fresh onion and tomatoes just out of the orchard and Lencha’s fresh cheese.


Back from the market           Supía, Caldas, Colombia

Completely full and with no time to rest, he swept, cleaned, and fed the animals at the chicken coop. Then it was the same at the pen with the goats and sheep. Meanwhile, his Dad cleaned out the stables and attended the horses and the mule. By then, one more day had begun…


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